Bizzy Bites Toy


Bizzy Bites Toy is a multi-functional equine teether and also a 3 in 1 stable toy that you can hang from the wall, leave on the floor or attach to the stable door. This toy has shown to be highly effective in reducing stable vices and boredom, or can simply be used for fun! Bizzy Bites is enticing to all horses and the rotating action of the wings will keep your horse entertained. This toy had been designed with mint infused biodegradable sponges, which are inserted into the centre of the toy. These sponges give off a lasting scent which holds the horse’s attention long after the refill has gone. You may find your horse will attempt to seek out the source of the mint and in doing so will bite, pick up and throw the toy around which becomes an entertaining game.

Addresses common problems faced by horse owners such as crib biting, wind sucking and box walking. Developed with leading equine nutritionists. The edible element has a solid consistency, which provides a challenge that may last for many weeks. Refills are sold separately.